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    PUP Query


      After running a Quick scan in MBAM it detected one Registry Key PUP called PUP.Optional.Softonic.A

      I last ran an MBAM scam two days ago and it detected nothing; the only program I've downloaded recently was the latest version of Audacity (which i've updated a few times in the past and have never had any problems with it) so I assume it's come from there. MBAM removed it without needing a reboot, but I was wondering if I need to run a full scan in McAfee to be sure? I tried scanning the downloaded file with McAfee before installing it and that detected nothing suspicious either.

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          I would first run the Latest Getsusp Tool, and see if there are remaining detections. Please remember to add your Email Address under preferences, before scanning.


          Afterwords here is a excellent removal Guide , please follow instructions closely.




          This is considered to be a (Pup) but has the characteristics of a "Virus"

          Hope this helps,



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            Hi catdaddy, thanks for the advice.


            I've just run the Getsusp tool and it found no "suspicious" items; I ran a Full scan as well and that didn't detect anything.

            Malwarebytes quarantined and deleted the PUP and a second scan was clean. I'll run a full scan in Malwarebytes tomorrow as it's late now and they usually take quite a while to finish.

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              You,re Welcome

              All the Best.....