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    3100-00A Appliance - EWS to MEG migration?


      I have a customer who has two 3100-00A appliances which were purchased in 2011 and were supplied with EWS.


      They have since outsourced their web filtering to the cloud, but wish to keep email filtering in house and are considering moving to the MEG software.


      The first question is are these appliances compatible, at all, or only with MEG7 (as I know some older appliances can't run MEG7.5)?


      If the answer to the first question is 'yes' [i]and[/i] the appliance will run MEG7.5, can EWS system be migrated directly to MEG7.5, or will it be necessary to migrate to MEG7 and then upgrade from 7 to 7.5?


      Many thanks in advance.