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    Unable to Relay Errors


      Starting Monday, I have had numerous clients using McAfee Email Security report rejected emails that state:


           550 Validating Sender: bosauthsmtp17: Host ipaddress: No unauthenticated relaying permitted




           550 5.7.0 Relay Access Denied



      These are all emails that they've been able to email in the past. All rejections are coming from: MAILER-DAEMON@p01c12o148.mxlogic.net.


      Sometimes, they can resend and it goes through, and for some, they cannot. I beleive this is part of the System Change over the weekend. I will be opening a support ticket.

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          Hi Tom,


          The errors you noted in your post, while delivered by our servers () are not issued by our servers.  I hope you were able to get additional information via your support request!


          Best Reagrds,


          Karen Widhalm

          System Support Specialist

          SaaS Email and Web Security

          McAfee.Part of Intel Security.