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    Malware on Windows 7 ??


      Hi everyone, I'm a new member of this community and I hope to post this problem in the right place.


      I work in a large Company and have a great number of PCs with  VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 4 with Agent vs 4.8 and all are up to date.


      Anyway, over the past couple of days we have having some problems on Windows 7 SP1 and we suppose that a malware or something else is still working in this O.S.



      task manager, windows update, windows system restore and many other things have been stopping to work.



      - We have already tried with VirusScan Enterprise but no one virus has been found.

      - free tools AV and anti-malware...same results.


      The huge problem is that we only solution that can help us is to reinstall the O.S.


      Does anybody have the same problem and any idea to solve it ?


      Thx in advance,