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    Non-Domain Workstations




      We had some systems that are not join to our corporate domain - Workgroup Member only


      How can I install agent on this systems if they are not being seen on ePO because we are using AD Sync? Will I also be able to install VSE on this systems and be able to report on ePO? If its possible, where in the System Tree they will fall under?


      Thanks in advance!

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          if you are installing agent from epo remotely then you can use the local machine name under the "domain" field when entering your credentials.  alternatively you can deploy the epo agent using a script or sending the user a url to click on.  once the agent is installed it will show up under lost and found and is fully manageable via epo.  epo NEVER cares about domain membership....everything is plain TCP communications back to epo so there is never a concern about domain membership.  you just need to get the agent installed.