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    Policy Sharing


      We recently changed a policy in our environment that is shared with a test server.  The policy did not seem to change immediately (I checked the test server about an hour after making the change) so I researched how policy sharing works in the product guide.  From my understanding a server task is required to sync the policy to the test server, however we do not have one setup and the test server did eventually received the updated policy.  How long does this take to happen?   All I could find in the product guide is the following:


      Beginning with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6, shared policies are automatically pushed to ePolicy

      Orchestrator servers with policy sharing enabled. When you click Share in step 2, the policy is

      immediately pushed to all registered ePolicy Orchestrator servers that have policy sharing enabled.

      Changes to shared policies are similarly pushed.


      Can anyone point to any documentation that expands on that last sentence?