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    Why are there multiple duplicate system names under Detected System Interfaces by Subnet?


      Why do these detected systems repeat\duplicate on the "Detected Systems" page and how can I correct it?


      I've installed RSD's on each subnet. We have 9 subnets and each one has repeating names displayed on this page.


      Subnet1 - In the Canonical Name column, the first system name is listed on the first 5 rows. The first 3 have the same IP while the 4th and 5th rows have a different IP. Based on the detected time, it looks like it's the different IP address that DHCP assigned to that system.


      Then there's a different system name on the 6th row. Rows 7-13 have the first system name again, but using the same IP for all 6 rows.


      This repeats with different system names for 253 rows with about 15 different machines total. 1 machine is duplicated about 150 times.


      The detected systems properties\details page will show mulitiple interfaces for these machines. The 1 with 150 rows has 25 interfaces listed and the data is the same for each except the date. I know without a doubt that this machine does not have 25 interfaces. It has one ethernet connection to our network as do the other dups.


      I thought it could be a problem with the machine creating a new GUID maybe, but I really don't know right now.