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    Truncating EPO Database Tables to Increase Performance


      We have an issue with queries pulling just 1 week of data running very slowly and the dashboards taking forever to load.


      Our epo deployment is 4.5, and has been in the environment for years.


      Our database is currently about 300gb, and we just did a big purge and re-index and re-org.


      We have checked out the Max degrees of parallelism...etc, but still to no avail.


      I am thinking of backing up the database and then just going thru and truncating the largest tables to see if this is going to help.


      Has anyone else tried this?


      Its hard to identify if my issues are due to locks on the database rows or a bad query....who knows.


      Thru the SQL Activity Monitor, I can kind of see which SQL query is taking the longest time, but I cannot really correlate this to an actual query in the EPO.


      Is there a table somewhere that correllates the SQL query to the Query Name in epo?


      Anyhow, if anyone has done a truncate, did it improve performance and is it a recommended procedure.