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    Caller_Modules... Program or BO classes. Where to put them?


      I notice the only rules that return Caller_Paths (modules), Caller_Fingerprints, and Caller_Descriptions is the Buffer Overflow rule class. So how come Caller_Module is included in the Program class gui??


      Which one should I use to watch for bad caller module names and md5's? -


      Program class GUI version

      <Setting name="+SigRule#0" value="Rule { tag "Watch for bad Caller Modules NON EXPERT SUB 1" Class Program Id 5713 level 3 Caller_Module { Include "badcallermodule.exe" } directives program:open_with_wait program:open_with_any program:open_with_create_thread program:open_with_terminate program:run program:open_with_modify }" />


      Buffer Overflow class Expert Version

        <Setting name="+SigRule#1" value=";Rule { tag "Watch for bad Caller Modules Expert Sub 1" Class Buffer_Overflow Id 5713 level 3 Caller_Module { Include { -hash "1234563345674678876576" } } directives "bo:stack" "bo:heap" "bo:writeable_memory" "bo:invalid_call" "bo:call_not_found"



      Like I said, I see absolutely no "Program class" rules written with or returning events with Caller_Modules data in them. So I'm assuming BO Class is the way to go. But then why is Caller Module a drop down box for Program Class rules in the GUI? Are they detecting the same thing or not?


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