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    Firewall rules


      Is it possible to enable/disable rules based on the AD groups that a user is a member of?


      In trying to decipher some requirements placed upon me, I've tried to accomodate them by whitelisting IP traffic.   For a bog standard user this has worked well, but for developers it isn't going so well.  So what I would like to do is use their AD group memberships to faciliate the enabling of rules to allow them extended access to services, rather than having a global developer set of rules.

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          Kary Tankink

          Is it possible to enable/disable rules based on the AD groups that a user is a member of?
          This is not possible in Host IPS.

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            Thanks Kary,


            Guess i'll be ditching the HIPS firewall and going back to GPO or another product

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              one really backward way to do this is have the developers implement some sort of arbitrary registry key on all their systems. then use that key to authenticate to a connection aware group in the firewall. within that connection aware group you could have a looser ruleset/ or an allow all. assuming your general population of users doesnt have the capability to add/remove/modify registry settings, they could never be authenticated to that connection aware group via the HIPS firewall.


              again this doesnt address AD groups but it could work.

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                Kary Tankink

                One feature that is being worked on is User-Based policies (no exact ETAs at this point).  It will have some limitations, but basically will apply a Firewall Rule policy based on the logged in Active Directory user. 


                AD User1 logs into a system will get Firewall Rule Policy1.

                AD User2 logs into a system and will get Firewall Rule Policy2.


                If you're interested in more details, contact Sales/Support for details (e.g., discussion with the Host IPS Product Manager).




                The currently released HIPS build does not have this feature though....yet.

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                  HIPS8 has LAG rules which a registry key is one of the parameters that could be selected. Try using that with a GPO to set the key/value.

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                    Thanks for the ideas greatscott & Namster - looking at the LAG setup though, that would be fine if I needed a loose "all user type x gets this", but I want true granular control - user X needs SQL and vmware so get 1433/tcp and 4712/TCP-UDP to host z, user Y needs SQL etc


                    I'll have a prod of sales to see if they can give me some details on user based policies - thats exactly the sort of functionality that I need


                    In the mean time i've got some due diligence to do with Trend, Sophos and Microsoft

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                      if you wanted true granularity like that, you would be looking at a ton of fw policies.

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                        No if I wanted true granularity like that I just need a rule engine that is capable of parsing AD memberships and adding in the requirements based on those


                        I was having a chat with a Pen Testing company recently, and they were saying that they hadn't come across any sites that properly whitelisted their traffic, so I showed them my test bed and they were impressed that they couldn't find anything to leverage - because all my workstations and servers have rules which only permit specific traffic. 


                        It starts to get complicated when I have users that need to add in specific requirements, hence the view that if I could interpret their AD memberships then it would be easy to map in rule changes.


                        I was slightly shocked to realise that Microsoft have got this capability via the GPO - makes a pleasant change

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                          yep. i only meant a ton of HIPS FW policies. (incapable of AD/LDAP tie ins)