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    Youtube per category , uploader , keyword

    Ahmed Eissa


      good day as per our last modified youtube per category api , there are a new release for Youtube API,




      please we need your assist to be able to control youtube category , channel , ID , uploader ....etc..



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          Ahmed Eissa

          i knew that Youtube API v3 need to sumbit an application to get authroization code to be able to fetch needed data , is there any other way to overcome this issue , btw i already open a ticket with mcafee support to find a soultion specially it is now high required in most of our organizations.

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            whats wrong with the existing rule set that uses version 2 of the API? I tried it and it still works. Is there any official statement that version 2 will be shut down?


            Anyway I started using version 3 which works fine with > 7.4 is it support JSON objects natively. I am able to extract Channel and Category so far. I wasn't able to find a list of keywords yet. Can you maybe share a couple of videos and add a screenshot or a description which piece of information you would like to filter for? I need examples to better understand what fields are interesting and where to get them.




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              Ahmed Eissa

              i did test this rule , it was running perfectly with me , unfortuantely now i get this below message


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