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    MDE 7.1 - transferring systems between ePO servers - Keys?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm getting ready to deploy MDE 7.1 in our environment. As part of the preparations I have built a test / dev ePO server. This will allow me to easily transfer managed production systems (my teams laptops) from the production ePO server to the DEV ePO server for testing of MDE 7.1.


      Based on what I've read, this seems like a bit of a one-way street because I can't transfer a system back to my production ePO server wihtout issues once it's been encrypted. Is there a way around this? -I ask because the product help & documentation very clearly warns against transferring encrypted systems because they will become dis-associated form their machine key.


      Granted, this *is* a bit of a corner case but it would be pretty nice if I didn't have to decrypt a system, transfer it to the production ePO server and then re-encrypt it there.