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    Managing Filetransfer within Remote Management


      Hi all,

      has anyone tested to manage fileupload/filedownloads when establishing remote sessions like Teamviewer, GoToMeeting or Webex??


      Allowing these applications to run through the proxy is no problem.

      - SSL Scanning is activated.

      - The applications are configured to use a proxy.


      Goal shut be a policy where Remote access is possible, but file transfer within the session is blocked.


      Any ideas?? Any experience??




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          when I looked into this topic the last time all of the mentioned applications broke as soon as SSL inspection was enabled because there was sort of a different protocol used to communicate with the server. Are you sure that there are no exceptions for SSL Scanner and that MWG can look into the traffic while the application still works?


          If so this would mean that probably HTTP is spoken, so when you monitor the access.log you should see GET and/OR POST requests being logged. If that is the case you could try a file transfer and see if there is something logged that represents the file transfer. Based on such output we should be able to generate rules.


          Maybe you can help by setting up a remote session and try some file transfers and provice the access.log which contains your session, it might be useful to find the right triggers.




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            Hi Andre,

            thought perhaps there are or will be some new features in MWG to support such "tunneled" protocols in HTTPS. :-)


            Teamviewer today supports proxy settings. I will check some traffice next time, because i don´t know if there is something "special" encapsulated in HTTP which is not HTTP.


            Do you know, are there any plans to implement to manage such traffic with MWG?