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    Looping Email - Application=smtp, Event='Policy based action occurred'


      I have a email message that is looping and causing my email gateway to slow down.


      The following shows the following error message in the syslog/mail.log files every  every 10 seconds"securemail : Application=smtp, Event='Policy based action occurred', status='Action taken due to the policy configuration', From=<XXXXewebmail@xxxxxxxxxxx.net.au>, to=<ricxxxxd.wxxxxxxs%tafff.kls.gov.au@xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxelxxxxxxxxxxxe.net.au>, source=(, msgid=1554_31a8_88da9c40_ab14_4759_aec0_0601565b99c3, scan-identity-name=__smtp_master"


      Any Suggestion as to how to kill the loop?


      The email gateway is only setup to do encryption and is not scanning out going mail for viruses and malware.