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    Mcafee Quarantine Manager Email digest issue


      I am summarizing the qaurantine digest issue . On MQM Server,

      when a task is triggered for sending quarantined digest message to the

      user for whom email message has been qaurantined , i can see less messages

      or no message delivered in product log. As an example product log says #

      Digests delivered 0 at 10 am but before 10 am and after 9 am there are

      many messages in qaurantine. Tasks are on hourly basis. So it means that

      users are having issue while receiving digest messages. However I am

      receiving digest messages and also my colleague but it is not being sent to all users.

      Please note that hotfixes are installed on MQM Server and I am using

      automatic registration of users. No integration with LDAP.

      Secondly, if i search that to whom the digest message has been delivered

      or not, I cannot search.

      Please help in this regard.