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    Empty History Folder


      Hi. Not sure where to post this.

      I have noticed an empty History folder on my C drive that every time I delete it, it comes back when I reboot my computer. I don't ever remember seeing it there before. I have Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 Bit. I recently downloaded and installed the Comodo Ice Dragon browser, but have since uninstalled it as it seemed suspicious to me.

      I have run various malware and virus scans and it shows nothing. Any clues?


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          Peter M

          It does sound very much like a browser-generated folder but could be just about anything.   When you right-click it and go to Properties does that give any clues as to what is generating it?


          I don't see such a folder on my 7 OS (or Vista or 8.1 for that matter).


          You could try some more anti-malware tools, such as Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below.


          It might be of help to ask in this forum:  http://www.sevenforums.com/ maybe in the Browsers and Mail section.

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            No, there is absolutley nothing. Just a date when it was created, which is the same date after I delete it and it comes back.

            Here's a copy of an answer I posted at Windows 7 Forums after someone asked me if I tried deleting the folder in Safe Mode...



            "Yes, I booted to safe mode and deleted the folder. I rebooted into safe  mode and the folder was not there. However, when I rebooted to normal  mode the folder came back. I deleted the folder again and ran msconfig  and booted again thinking it may be in some start up program, but it  still came back. I am thinking maybe something in the services that are  running. I ran every scan I could find in safe mode and they all find  nothing. The weird thing is, the folder is named "history" without a  capital "H". All other folders have 1st letters capitalized."


            I am at my wits end and I am ready to just restore my computer to factory.  There has to be something at start up or boot time that creates this folder. If this folder is safe, then I can mark it as hidden and never have to look at it again...


            I found it! .Bing Desktop! Promptly deleted it and no more mystery folder.

            Thanx for your input.


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              Peter M

              I avoid all things Bing so that's why I didn't know.  Glad it's OK now.

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                Thanks for this info..


                Now I am glad I have always (Hidden) the Bing updates, and never installed.