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    Finally MCAfee solved my problem of the email spam-banned IP (after 1 month of damage!!) ... thanks

    Alessandro Arbix61

      Yes dear Ex_Brit and Safeboot,

      that's me again (Alexdra). As you can see it is impossible to stop a nervous MCAfee victim.

      Finally MCafee took off my IP email server on their spam list. So that a demonstration that I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT !

      My question is: why have I to push MCAfee to solve my problem using Facebook, the community, to write 1000 of emails to the tech guys, to reply to idiotic phone call "which product do you have?", to post on different community on internet, to open hundreds of "problem ticket", to listen some jokes on me like "check the DNS" or "change the IP" or "let me contact the technical support". Why ??

      Maybe ... maybe was more easy for you MCAfee (and for me) to check the problem in a professional way in a shortest time possible!

      Am I right ?


      Now you can ban my username again and erase this post like you did it with the previous ones also because you will see me JUST in case you will make mess again on my company.

      Hugs to both of you and hoping that MCAfee will be better in the future because it is part of our IT history.


      Bye bye


      Alessandro Arbitrio

      V.A: International Advertising Consulting

      Milan - ITALY

      www. viaint.it


      Nemo me impune lacessit



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