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    Control Center Application signature updates with Proxy server


      We have MFE Control Center 5.3.2 deoployed as management of Firewall enterprise firewalls. Control center is located in management network where we don't have direct access to internet. We use Control Center to download Firewall Updates for Firewall Enterprise using proxy server and it works fine.


      Besides we would like to download updates for "Applicaton Signature Updates" and "Messages from McAfee" in Control center. Configuration is located in Control Center -> Control Center Updates -> System -> Application Signature Updates.

      Control center always tries to connect directly to internet and because we are in management network that traffic is denied.  There is no option in configuration window to set up proxy server.



      Is there any way how we can set up proxy server in Control Center to download Application Signature Updates and Messages from McAfee using Proxy?


      Any help appreciated.