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    Quarantined Email not delivered with encryption, sent unencrypted




      I have been testing MEG 7.5 & 7.6 in order to replace my Ironmail 6.7.2 systems.  I have found that if an email is set to be delivered with encryption via a compliance rule such as a subject with [SECURE] and another rule then quarantines the email.  When that email is then released from quarantine, it is sent directly to the recipiant in plain / clear text, no encryption whats so ever.  I have tried other senarios, and end up with the same outcome, unencrypted data being released.


      I have the send with encryption setup correctly, when I send an email with [SECURE] in the subject, it is then a "Secure Web Mail" message is sent to the recipiant email account.   This process works perfectly in both my 6.7.2 Ironmail systems.


      I have contacted support, they are unable to give a fix, they just say thats the way the system is designed.  So far McAfee doesn't seam to care.


      Anyone have any other ideas?