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    Less Email throughput at the MEG7.5.2 then at the Ironmail 6.7.2




      still our new MEG are consuming some of my time at the moment. So updating from Ironmail to MEG isn't that trivial that it looks.

      Some of the things you can not simulate at the test environment.


      The problem:

      Every day we send a newsletter to our customer. Thats about 1000-1100 emails with a size of 1-20MB.

      At the Ironmail that emails was sent out in about 2 hours. Now it takes about 3 hours. We use the same hardware appliance and the emails are going out through the same internet connection (100Mbit/s) and to the same customer email addresses.


      This emails are created at a webserver (Windows Server 2008 R2 that runs Apache 2.2.20/PHP5) via PHP scripts. Ok, please no comments about Apache on Windows server. It works!

      The different between Ironmail and MEG are also, that the Ironmail had queued mails that came from the web server, the MEG doesn't. It takes 1by1.


      Now my colleagues tell me about the slow outgoing emails, because the webserver shows the number of sent emails. When we used the Ironmail, the webserver queue was done faster, because of the queueing from the Ironmail.

      But anyway, the throughput of the MEG is much slower then the Ironmail.


      We done another test newsletter which we send once a month. Last month (Ironmail) this 800 emails are sent in 15 minutes. Now on MEG it took 1 hour!


      I do not comply with this statemant I found:

      Double (x2) Email throughput compared to Ironmail, when running on identical HW (through in-memory scanning)


      I found this treat https://community.mcafee.com/message/279955#279955, but I don't know what we can change at the senmail in our case?

      Also I cannot find some options at the MEG where I can optimize the email handling?

      Things that I done so fare:

      - created a new Policy special for that newsletter emails

      - disabled all the Anti-Virus,Spam and Compliance options for that policy


      Some ideas are more than welcome.

      I don't wane open another support case.