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    Joji Philip



      Need some help with MQM. We opened port 80 between MEG and MQM in both directions but still mails are not delivering to MQM box.

      any suggestions?




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          Try opening port 49500.  I found the port setting on MQM under Settings and Diagnostics -> Communications -> Default.

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            Hi Joji,


            Do you have the hotfixes installed on the MQM?  In particular HF99058.  That fixes a problem you could easily be running into.  It can be downloaded from our downloads page.



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              Joji Philip

              Port 80 and 49500 opened both direction but still not connecting....

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                Joji Philip

                Yes Jake, hotfix 899058 is already installed...

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                  There are a few other things that could cause this.  Is the gateway configured to send to the MQM?  Is the IP of the MQM correct on the gateway?


                  I typically like to telnet from the command line of the gateway to the MQM over port 80 to see if I can connect and confirm that the firewall isn't blocking the traffic.


                  Another situation that occurs from time to time is the windows firewall on the MQM itself can block port 80.  Either make sure that port 80 is open on the windows firewall or disable it completely.


                  Beyond that, I would recommend to call in to support so we can assist further.  Hope this helps.  Thanks.



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                    Joji Philip

                    Thanks Jake,


                    telnet is working on port 80 and 49500 between MEG and MQM. but still not working...


                    opened a ticket on 4th April still i didnt receive any support.


                    Support rocks....

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                      Hi Joji,


                      We've been kinda busy.  My appologies on no one getting back to you.  If you are comfortable with it, post your case number here and i will take it and get back to you as soon as possible.



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                        Was this ever resolved?