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    Can I configure the VirusScan Updates to Behave different inside and outside the company?


      Hello Guys,


      Our customer is asking us if there is a way to configure the VirusScan updates to behave different inside and outside the company.


      Nowadays, our customer have about 1000 laptops in its environment, when the laptops are inside the company they are updated from an internal server, however when they are outside the company, they aren't updated at all.


      Actually, I did not find where this is configured using ePO, however I've already created a rule where the devices that are out of the company are tagged.

      I think that I can create a Policy Assignment Rule that identifies if the laptop is outside the company and then make updates directly from the Internet.


      Basically, what I need is to update the laptops outside the company, however if they are inside the company again, they must be updated using the internal repository.


      Anyone can give me a light about it?


      Thank you very much!


      Paulo Poi