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    Joji Philip



      I am coming from Ironmail world endup in MEG 7.5 few hours back.. Need some help from you.

      Is it possible to create an exception for one specific domain only on file filter? In Ironmail i can define inbound mail from specific domain to bypass attachment analysis only.


      Also is it possible to create read only user accounts for reviewers?


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          Hi Joji,


          In MEG 7.5 you would need a new policy rule for the specific domain where you disable the file filtering. On MEG 7.6 you can set up an exception in the original rule (this is a new feature).


          As for creating a read-only user, if you do not give the reviewer user privilieges to apply configuration, they will be able to make changes to the settings you give them access, but not to save any changes.


          Hope this helps.

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            Joji Philip

            Thanks Marcelo..