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    How to use a different policies for users outside the corporate network?


      Hey guys, I'm new with McAfee products and I want some help with this topic, please.


      My customer has a HIPS 8.0 implemented in its environment, which is composed by almost 5,000 desktops and laptops.

      Nowadays they are using the Basic Protection for their whole environment, however the customer asked us to use different policies for devices that are outside the corporate network.


      Basically, when a laptop is inside the corporate network, the Basic Protection from HIPS is applied to it. However, if the desktop is outside the company, the Enhanced Protection is applied instead.


      I've seen that this is possible based on the datasheet offered by McAfee (attached), and its known as Customized Security Control: http://www.mcafee.com/us/products/host-ips-for-desktop.aspx


      I've seached in the product documentation and in the KC for hours, however I didn't find anything, please, anyone can help me out?


      Thank you very much,


      Paulo Poi