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    File Filtering Not Working




      We're running Groupshield 7.0.1 on a Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003.  Its generally working fine but quite a few emails with dodgy attachments are still getting through.


      These are all executables within zip files so I've been trying to block these without success.  File Filtering was not enabled so I turned this on but I can't make it work at all.  I've tried using filename filtering (using *.zip to test) and also file category filtering (tested with both executables and compressed files) separately as I know there are issues using both in the same rule but whenever I send a zipped executable it is passed through as clean.


      As far as I can tell File Filtering is not working at all and not blocking any attachments.  Any ideas what might be needed to get this working and whether there is an easy way in Groupshield to block zipped executables (not convinced that file filtering scans inside zips).





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          Well I have to remind you that Groupshield (all versions) went EOL\EOS yesterday.


          But to get this running - create file filter rules in shared resources as you described - but when you enabled file filtering did you apply those rules you created to the OnAccess Master Policy and set them to repleace or delete etc??

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            Hi Aiden


            Thanks for the EOL info - I didn't know.  We are looking at alternatives for the end user (probably the SaaS product) but that will take a few weeks so just trying to tweak for now.


            I didn't actually create the rules in shared resources - I did all the changes under the OnAccess Master Policy.  However, when I looked afterwards the rule I created did exist under shared resources.


            I'll have another look this morning.  Not sure about the replace or delete options - don't remember seeing those.





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              Well Groupshield versions are superceded by the McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange Product Line.

              MSME 7.6 support E2003SP2, E2007SP2 (and above), E2010SP1 (and above)

              MSME8 supports E2007SP3, E2010SP2(and above) and E2013

              These should be available to you under your grant number and depending on your version of Groupshield may allow direct upgrade.


              File Filters need to have an action specified - default is allow through on rule creation.

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                Thanks - I'd looked at the later versions and read that 7.6 was only cor Exchange 2007 and 2010 but I've just looked again and realised I was looking at the 64bit version download link! 


                I'm not going to waste any more time until I get Groupshield upgraded to 7.6.  Hopefully I can do that this weekend.


                Thanks again for the assistance.