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    upgrading MSME 7.0.1 to 7.6




      I'm trying to upgrade groupshield from ver 7.0.1 to 7.6, after reading the upgrade guide and working on ePO for the first time can some body shed some light on the following questions please?



      1. The upgrade guide says miniumum requirement to upgrade is MSME 7.0.1 Patch1 adn above or MSME 7.0.2 Rollup2 and above (my exchange server is 2007 SP2), by going to the downloads are and entering the grant number I can't find the 7.0.1 path1 or 7.0.2 rollup2. Can anybody upload them here please? or guide me to a link where i can download these?


      2. How do I deploy it via ePO (I have ePO 4.6 installed)? I've tried checking in MSME 7.6 on ePO console and creating a task to upgrade on the mail server in the 'system tree' if I want to do it this way do i need ot un-install GroupShield manually on my mail server?


      Thanks for your time!

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          If you hit the website and enter your Grant Number -

          http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/my-products/pagetimeout.aspx?param=0&region =us


          You should have a list of product available to you - in that list should be - "Messaging & Web Security"

          The entries for Groupshield are there  - you have Groupshield 7.0.1 (from your version detail 7.0.716.103) so select Groupshield 7.0.1 for Micrsoft Exchange 2003\2007. Hit "Agree" then check out the Patches Tab.


          ePO deployment or local will depend that the installed product (GSE) is at minimum level.

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            Thanks Aidan,

            I can only see msme 7.6 & 8 attached is all what I see in my products download, but when i clicked on MSME 7.6, under the software downloads there is an MQMv701RTW.zip is this any good?products.JPG

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              actually the best approach in your case would be to uninstall gse 7.01 first.  then deploy msme 7.6 from epo and let it install.   during the upgrade process gse is first removed anyways before msme can be installed.  this way you are saving a step. 

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                Thanks, with the help of Aidan I managed to update to 7.0.1 P1R2. If someone could clarify this it woudl be great please?


                I've upgraded it on the mail server by running the exe, however I could also have updated using ePO but since there is an agent insalled on the mail server I presume the ePO should now show the latest version of the groupshield which isn't? is there anything I have to manually to have the ePO updated?

                Also now that I have downloaded the installs and patches for MSME7.6, should I deploy it via ePO or install it on the mail server? thanks for your time!

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                  Do you mesan in Machine Properties?? - do a Wake-up with Full Props request from ePO.

                  If you mean extension version -then there will be no change unless you install the new extension in the P1 RU2 Package. (Groupshld7000_<LanguageCode>.zip

                  If Upgrading imediately to MSME immediately no need to worry on this. 

                  If you have one mail server I guess its just as easy running locally - if ou have multiple servers then ePO is definitely easier.

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                    Thanks Aidan, the wake up has worked and it now shows on the system (under system tree), but I hope it won't show up on software--> master repository unless I have deployed it via ePO?


                    Two last questions before I press the button,

                    1) while upgrading to 7.6 will there be any significant downtime on mail server services?

                    2) If i want to deploy via ePO, when creating a client task do i select 'Groupshield for exchange 7.0.0' or 'McAfee Agent' as the first one wouldn't give me a "product deployment" task type?




                    once agian Thanks for your help!