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    Reason for none responding Wakeup call via web api


      From time to time I've experienced wakup call via web api are inresponsive, with no errors what so ever (wakeup call directly requested from ePO consol continues to work).


      After analysing with debug settings enabled, I've found one line of feedback, that I hope some of you might can cvast more light on.


      After the web api call is recieved in the apache log,  the call get in a numbered qeue in the server log.

      When it has been put in the qeue, a second process starts soon after.

      The first thing happening in the seceond process is, the web api call is linked to a sessionID, and the directly after that, an informative string of memory load is written


      My theory is, if the memory load is to high, the wakeup call will not execute?

      Could there be a thredhole of for instance 95% memory load?


      The logging look like this:

      X #06280 mod_epo Processing epo request, session ID=345103, memory load 94 percent...


      If anyone has knowledge about this, the please share