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    On-Access Scan with VSE 8.8 patch 4 and XP SP3

    axel chalancon

      Hi to everyone !


      I am new on the forum and I came here to get your precious expertise and advice.

      We are running ePO console 4.6 with Mcafee Agent 4.6 and VSE 8.8 patch4.


      But I have noticed that the on-access scan do not work on all XP workstations.

      - When we try to launch a scan directly on a folder or a file (search a threat), we have a "Scan32.exe" error. "Application couldn't initialised correctly (0xc0000022). Click ok to stop the application"

      - If we launch a scan from the user VSE console, nothing happens (logs files are empty) and no scan32.exe process.

      - If we execute a task from the ePO console, nothing happens even if the task looks ok.


      I checked on the ePO console for a specific workstation and I saw the following message:

      "Access Protection rule violation detected and blocked"


      Threat name= Common Standard Protection:  Prevent Modification Files and settings


      I tried to uncheck checkboxes on "Common Standard Protection => Prevent Modification Files and settings" but result is the same


      Have you already heard something about that?


      By the way, workstations running windows 7 are ok.


      Thanks a lot in advance !!