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    Mcafee install caused my A drive to constanting read [clicking noise]


      I do not know who else to contact about this issue.  1st note:  I was having no troubles with my last version of McAfee and frankly, now I do not remember that version, but I believe it was like 11.0 -----! 

      However, now since they insisted that I have this new McAfee 12.8 version and it had to be installed on my computer [ I have WINXp Home Ed. w /SP3 ] yet, nothing helps to stop my 'A ' drive from contanting reading [ and these clicking noises are driving me nuts] once the M' [for McAfee] loads on my taskbar, the clicking starts. 


      I have had at least already tried to discuss my first problem with this Auto update install -- as the Real Time scanning would not stay on to scan my system .... so I called and the first or second once I was sent to the 2nd tier per a call back [ as the other tech I was waiting on never called back until 7:00 pm that night.... and this AOL McAfee - tech support reps did all sorts of odd things to my computer - including uninstalling some items that I believe should have been left alone, [although my Microsoft support did reinstall these missing items] by taking anything that related to McAfee or it's name out of my computer.  I really did not like it that he uninstalled or removed some other items that came with my computer such as my Dr. Watson [or called PC DOC].  He went so fast -- honestly, even taking notes -- I could not keep up.... and he was in my system registry too.


      Adding, I have tried everything that I know and I have fixed my own computer for years now -- and maintained it too, however I am no expert.   Yet, out of frustration with this A drive noise, I suggested to one [last] rep on 03-17-2014 that we try another full uninstall/reinstall.  However, the A drive issue started again and with that Unintall and reinstall -- and I believe he tricked me by he placing some items in my Recycle bin that day.  As this A drive was [at that point] NOW not making noise anymore and my Real time Scanning was working, but once I emptied the Recycle Bin... it was at it again.  Plus, I have seen that my Quick Clean feature was not in it place now either.  As that area in my navigation section was EMPTY --- until I deleted those items in my recycle bin, and did a full shutdown and then restarted my computer.  Honestly, all I can now guess MIGHT work is  or my only known  other option NOW maybe [at this point],  is to now uninstall and  thus reinstall my Aol Desktop 9.7 Revision : 4343.30, as McAfee is known to in time also get corrupted by AOL as that is normally the tech support suggestions from the past, too.


      However, since I have tried disk check, defragging, doing full restarts, and checking the Disk Check/Volume too at restart, as this helped once, or I assumed it did!   Yet, NOTHING seems to fully stop now my 'A' drive from being lit up and click click or tap tap tapping as it is trying to read it - by the sounds it makes, YET I know that  there is nothing for it to read and it will not stop. The light just keeps flashes on and off like a flash and then, it click click clicks, or it will go into this real contant loud clicking noise. 


      I just dont know how better to describe this problem, and I surely do not know how to fix -- besides getting rid of McAfee totally.  But again, my AOL is free but I am paying for McAfee Security Center through my AOL Special Edtion.  Plus, I cannot show you by attaching any files, as it appears everthing is functing properly --- and its a noise .... HELP!