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    Registry Issues Detected by MVT- in 12.8.934 ?


      Hi i´ve got the same problem since yesterday, the MVT won´t fix it as it promisses. The same error message apears again and again. No god after restarting my computer same thing. I joined the community tonight just of frustration for this problem. Maybe it´s nothing to care about ? Everything seems to be allright with the other things the MVT checks. I hope someone in the community have an answer to this.

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          Peter M

          Was MVT a freshly downloaded an d what was the ID of the session?


          If SecurityCenter (McAfee not Windows) is green and says it's protecting then there's nothing to worry about, was there some reason to run it?

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            Peter M

            As the other user has an ongoing case I gave you your own thread.

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              Hello jonny,


              Kindly post back the MVT session ID which you will receive on running MVT. Also grab the Supportability logs from%appdata%\McAfee\Supportability\MVTLogs\Results\result.xml and post here as an attachment..!

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                Right now i´m on another computer so I can´t send you the ID session number or the file. But everything that the MVT is checking are marked as OK eccept that which is marked as top issue in security center check, which displays the same message as is showed by the other´s on this issue. Yes everything is green in the Mcafee program. Once in a while maybe once a month I use to run the MVT just to check the Mcafee program because sometimes there is issues that it fix. Yes it vas freshly downloaded because it didn,t detect it on my computer or it said that the version I used has ended. Maybe the best things to do is just to not to use it if the Mcafee internet security doesn´t give me some error messages becuase right now it´s just giving me headache. But it would be interessting to know what the problem is. It say´s that files/or registry entries are left that are no longer needed are present. But the checkmarks when I ran the MVT shows OK both infront of files and registry in the Mcafee security center. I tried the solution by uncheckin the acces control to Mcafee files , and i thougt the problem was solved because it automaticly started the firefox browse (although I use google chrome as standard !) and the it restarted the computer and run the MVT. And then it showed that the problem was fixed. But when i ran it again it showed the same error message again, then I gave up.

                Thank you for replying.


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                  Hi jonnywalker,

                               I am the OP whom brought this topic to everyone,s attention. Like you, I am not capable at the present time to send session (id)-files etc. Due to the extreme inclement weather we are experiencing. Just as you mentioned, from time to time I run a health-check with MVT.


                               As I stated in my very first post, my MSC was all (Green) and functioning fine. I also concur with you, that since it seems that something is (a-miss) if you will, in this New Version. Would like to know exactly what  the particular (files) are that were deemed necessary to remove.


                               The Good thing of it is, that Selvan is aware of the issue at hand, and it is being looked into.


                               You may want to go to this link : https://community.mcafee.com/polls/1223

                  and place some input in regards to your user experience. Again, as usual the Moderators-Forum Tech are aware of the situation. I am certain it is not an "ISOLATED" instance.


                              As Ex_Brit stipulated, if your Software seems to be functioning fine, no need to worry. Having said this...When you run a (Tool) to check for just such, and it states that it isn,t...it causes me concern. I have always been the "Staunchest" supporter of McAfee, and still am.


                                 Hopefully soon, the Glitch in MVT will be resolved. And we will be informed of such.


                  All the very Best,



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                    Well that´s just the problem  as you said if you run the MVT and it gives you an error message and it say´s that it can fix it, but no, you get concerned about it hopefully it´s not abig thing, because all the checkmarks in the MVT diagnostic protokoll showed OK .

                    Thank you for your reply and comment.


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                      Peter M

                      If SecurityCenter says everything is OK then it's OK. 


                      MVT is only meant to be run when there are issues and it has been known in the past to give errors which only support can translate but often they don't mean anything, simply that something has updated and MVT hasn't kept up.

                      It usually irons itself out after a while.


                      I wouldn't run it just for the sake of running it as that is pointless.

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                        I had the same problem on my two Windows 8.1 machines and I had to use the MVT tool to fix it.  My machine was always saying "Real Time Scanning Starting ..."  It was never finishing this until the registry entry was fixed.  I don't know what the fix was because the MVT tool fixed it automatically.



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                          Peter M

                          That's what it's meant for and glad it worked for you. ;-)

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