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    Java 8?


      I currently have Java Version 7 Update 51 installed on my laptop. however, I've read that version 8 was released on  March 18, but when I visit the Java website, only 7.51 is available for download.

      Is there a way of getting the newer version or should I jst wait until it becomes available from the official site?

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          It may have been released but it isn't on their update servers yet.  I personally would wait until it arrives by itself, but if you feel you must have it I would ask on the Oracle forums if you can't locate a download link.

          Don't forget that there are various different versions of Java, many are better suited to the Enterprise environment, so be careful which one you download.

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            I checked further and found that there is a Java 8 download if you do a little bit of clicking of links.   It's "JRE 8" that you want for home use.    Most likely the 32-bit one.


            They do say it was released to Developers first in case they found any issues, then it would be delayed realease to the public.   That's more or less how most software makers release their software.

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              Hi Wixey,


              I would suggest you wait for it to be available for Download from Official site. I tried downloading it and was able to get J7U51 probably it will be released soon. BTW could you post the webpage link / article where you read this message..!

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                Hi Selvan, thanks for the advice.


                I came across the release date information from https://blogs.oracle.com/java/entry/java_se_8_schedule and also on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_(programming_language)

                I know Wikipedia isn't always 100% accurate but it did have 18th March 2014 listed as the release date for the "stable" version.

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                  Oracle does state on their website:



                          Why is Java 8 not available on java.com?    

                  Java 8 is the latest release for Java that contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve efficiency to develop and run Java programs.

                  The new release of Java is first made available to developers to ensure no major problems are found before we make it available on the java.com website for end users to download. If you are interested in trying Java 8 it can be downloaded from Oracle.co

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                    Thanks for this, Ex_Brit, I didn't notice this on their official site...

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                      You're welcome ;-)