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    Hiiiiiiii  Please help  :)


      My system has been a hackers' toy for 2 years now! At first I was very naive and I dealt with it first via more regular norton scans.  Then I started doing system recoveries.  Then hard drive wipes.  Then I more regular wipes.  Then I realised that my system was a hackers' toy when an online chatter began to show off exactly what he could do on my pc!!! I am now pretty certain that it is not just one person but a gang.  They somehow gain view access to my system .. they can view everything i do onscreen!! I have chucked Norton and tried McAfee LiveSafe but it was not enough.  So I paid for McAfee SMB and it seems to be very effective but I want to up my game because I know for a fact that I am up against a well practised gang and I would rather take further steps in this direction than continue with the stupid hard drive wiping routine that I envisage following in future times.  I have taken an interest in McAfee Endpoint Suite but I haven't made much progress.    After downloading the hefty file ... I finally found the Installer ... clicked on it and the Installer box opened ............   very nice what do i do now ??!!!   I am not a total noob ... i can see a password and username are needed   but the Installer will NOT take the usernames and passwords I enter .... very frustrated now!!     I can calm down as soon as help is offered ...... Please don't take years   ??


      All help is appreciated thnx