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    Have I been Hijacked?




      I feel for you .... I am a victim of continuous hacking and I've been a victim for about 2 years now!! I met the hacker in a chat room and the chat very quickly shifted to skype and I think there is something about skype that made it easy for him to access my pc ... that was when i began to have problems and i would do system recoveries and after several i realised that they weren't enough ... so i started wiping the hard drive everytime but the problems continued because the cause was always not dealt with ie my so called friend!!


      He finally started showing off just over a fortnight ago ... demonstrating how much control he had over my pc ... since then I have been trying to regain control ... I realise that there is much for me to learn and I am looking for help.


      I have found McAfee to have way more tools than Norton ... Norton was ridiculous in this type of situation.  I then tried McAfee Livesafe but found the hacker to be far more sophisticated.  I need to up my knowledge because there is no other option.  He will not practise his craft elsewhere until he is forced to do so.  I have no positive ID on him so reporting is not a practical option even though I have tried this.


      I think if your problem is recurring .... then you should look around with a suspicious gaze ... I think people who hack are like cyber stalkers ... they want to see the effect their deeds are having on you ... so they will have befriended you ... they need to do this some way in order to get some feedback from you on their activites ... so you need to suss out who it is or who they are ... and then take secret steps to deal with the problem ... their reaction to your steps will be your feedback ... it works both ways


      I hope someone here can help me ... i have downloaded McAfee Endpoint Suite Installer and it requires Username and Password but will not accept any entry that i make .... !!!  What the heck am I supposed to enter?  Please help anyone 

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          Peter M

          That should not be happening at all.  I suggest you read the last link in my signature below, lower down, the Hijackthis section, and follow that.  One of those independent forums will help you sort it out.  Hijacking and  computer hacking are best dealt with using a multitude of tools and they will know best what to suggest.


          BTW for clarity I moved this whole discussion to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.

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            Peter M

            I also have given you your own thread.


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              You need to enter the user name and password you used when you created an account on the McAfee site prior to downloading the product.