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    Domain controller question (regarding MWG)


      We have few MWG 7.3 nodes that connected to MS domain (for ntlm auth).

      In the field "Configured domain conrollers" we are placed domain name (for example ms.domain) which can be resolved for a five domain controllers (DC) rotated by round robin in DNS.

      Today one of DC has been down and users was unable to reach Internet.

      Is MWG able to switch automatically to another DC when on of them down ?

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          Jon Scholten

          If I'm reading this correctly; that is a bad idea for use in MWG.


          MWG will do it's own round robin to each of the DCs specified. If one provides a bad response, then MWG will mark that DC as down, and retry at the configured interval.


          Instead of specifying a single alias (if I read correctly), just specify all 5 DCs in the MWG, and then it will round robin nicley incase one provides a bad response for whatever reason.