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    Deploy Viruscan automatically when computer is joined to domain


      Hi guys.


      One question or what would be the best practices for deploying Viruscan thru EPO in AD environment:


      I like the neat option about McAfee agent's being automatically deployed when new systems are discovered. You can configure those options under System Tree/Group Details/Sync Type AD: Push agents to new systems when they are discovered. But I'm curios about deploying AntiVirus system (Viruscan Enterprise) in same way.


      Why are you unable to set up deployment of Viruscan in the same configuration settings place? Wouldn't be logically that you wish to deploy both softwares at the same time, because having deployed only McAfee agent on client side does not do you any good in case if that client got infected, true?


      I see you need to deploy Viruscan seperatly thru Client Task Catalog/Client Task Assignments. From my point of view, this approach is not really good after you join computer to domain and you set up product deployment Virusscan hourly, this computer stays unprotected that 1 hour.



      - What would be the best approach to achieve, that after computer is joined to domain it automatically gets Agent + VIRUSSCAN?

      - What happens to network bandwith in LAN and to all the systems who already have Virusscan installed if there is a scheduled task (deploy Virusscan every hour) running? Does this means that EPO will molest every client (which already has Virusscan installed) every 1 hour? If we have 200 clients this means that EPO will molest them every hour "for no reason" and impact network bandwith "for no reason"?


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