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    Monitoring NSM M-4050 in Solarwinds


      Greetings All.


      I have a M-4050 deployed inline between my core layer and acces layer on my network.


      It works great.


      I have Solarwinds NPM network management software that I use to manage all nodes on my network (Switches, Routers, WAPs and UPS's)


      I also have Solarwinds NTA installed to report on network traffic.


      I wanted to add the M-4050 to Solarwinds to have some additional insight as well as reporting of the M-4050 interfaces and traffic flow


      Has any of you done this?


      Any advice?


      I have found some OID's to create custom pollers


      How to configure SNMP for the Network Security Platform Sensor and Manager (KB71562)



      But I can't seem to get Solarwinds to detect my M-4050 applicance using SNMP v2


      Can anyone assist in this?

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          yes, i have done this and it works great.  use snmpv3 though.  i believe the NSP sensors only support md5 and des.  i think there's a kb about it.  also, set the passwords to use alphanumeric only.  other than that it works great and is easy to customize based on OIDs.