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    Exploit question


      I was just wondering why the McAfee full scan doesn't detetct exploits. I scanned my system with my McAfee and it said my computer was clean and secure. But when I did s scan with the Microsoft Safety Scanner it found an Exploit!Win32/pdfjsc virus. Is there a way to confgure the McAfee to look for this exploit when it does a scan?

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          Peter M

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          Exploit!Win32/pdfjsc according to Microsoft "Win32/Pdfjsc are a family of malicious PDF files that exploit vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.


          The vulnerabilities allow malware to download and run arbitrary files."   It's not malware in itself but it could allow some in.


          So I suggest that you check your system for updates, especially to browsers (all if them including Internet Explorer even if you don't use it) and their add-ons.


          Make sure Adobe products especially are updated.


          The Security Scanner looks for holes in your system, not just malware and in any case different brands of scanner often find different possible threats.


          Try running Stinger and maybe Malwarebytes Free, both linked in the last link in my signature below.











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            Great thanks for the help. I actually did you what you said and found that it was attached to an old Adobe PDF file.

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              Peter M

              That's good.  All the best ;-)