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    Help with MSME 7.6


      Hello all


      I'm working with McAfee security for exchange 7.6 on our exchange 03 server. Problem I'm running into is that it's causing our delivery of emails to be extremely delayed it's scanning all mail, is there a way for it just to scan external emails coming into our network?

      Is there anything I can do with the speed? Thanks

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          what hot fixes do you have installed for msme?

          you should at least have patch1 rollup2 and hf 904321installed.


          if you want to just scan emails inbound then you can do this by going into the msme gui and click on settings & diagnostics

          this will show the on-access settings page in the center frame.  under microsoft virus scanning uncheck the enabled box

          under transport scan settings uncheck scan internal and scan outbound emails

          click apply to save the settings

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            Thank for the answer!


            A follow up question, I manually installed the MSME on my exchange server instead through the EPO. When I make policy changes do I make them through the EPO still? or on MSME?


            Also am I able to block messages that contain keywords?


            Thank you again

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              If the McAfee ePO Agent is installed locally on the Exchange Server then it will recognize the fact that MSME is installed.


              Policies will depend if you have the MSME Product Extension installed in ePO and that Policy  for MSME is set to "enabled".


              If so then then anything you configure locally will get written over at policy enforcement time - so should be configured in ePO side.