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    ePO 5.1 not able to deploy VirusScan for Linux 2.0



      Our environment has some Linux boxes. I have followed the instructions and installed the McAfee Agent 4.8patch 2 which shows up in ePO as product version I am now trying topush VirusScan for Linux (version is showing up in ePO as ).The directions below are taken out of the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux2.0 Product Guide.


      Navigate to System Tree page, then on the Assigned Client Tasks tab, click Actions | New Client Task Assignment.

      1. On Task to schedule, select McAfee Agent as the     product, select Product Deployment as the task type, then click Create New     Task under the task name.
      2. To configure the client task, under Client Task     Catalog, select Linux 64bit as the target platform, VirusScan Enterprise     for Linux 2.0.0.<build number> as the Products and components,     Install as the action, a language, then click Save.
        1. To deploy the software with customized settings, copy      the nails.options file to the /root and / directory on your Linux client      system. For more information on creating the nails.options file, see      Silent installation.
      3. Click Next to schedule this task immediately or as     needed, Click Next to view the task summary, then click a summary, then     click Save and send an agent wake-up call. Wait for the deployment     task  to complete.


      The next step is to send an AgentWakeup command. When I follow these instructions VirusScan Does not deploy.Additionally, when I tried using the “Run Client Task Now” command (when in the selected system Actions | Agent | Run Client Task) my Linux system is sown in the "Ignored Systems" tab saying "Agent version (Systems with these agent version do not support Run Now", my agent version is shown as So I can't push VirusScan this way.


      If I manually deploy VirusScan to myLinux box that is already managed by ePO will VirusScan automatically tie backinto ePO? Am I missing something else?


      Thanks for your help!


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          I figured out my issue.


          First Run Client Task is only available for Windows.


          Second I had both VirusScan for Linux 1.9 and VirusScan for Linux 2.0 in my master repository. I looked at the "Client Task Comparison" page and found that for some reason It was trying to install both versions. I deleted the second version from the repository and the install client task ran successfully. I woke up the agent and it looks like everything is running correctly.