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    How exactly do Exclusions work in VirusScan 8.8



      I am using VirusScan 8.8, managed byePO 5.1. In my "On-Access Default Processing Policy" I can add and an "Exclusion"; a file or folder to exclude from virus scanning. I havetested this and have found that I can specify a full folder path, or just afile name to create an exclusion. I have been using the EICAR test file.

      • I create a file with the EICAR code in it, let’s call     it "EICAR-test.txt"
        • I try to open the file and it is correctly flagged by      VirusScan
      • I create an exception for the file name only     "EICAR-test.txt"
        • I again try to open the file and I am correctly      allowed to do so.


      My question is this: If I now had asecond test file with a different virus signature and I also name it"EICAR-test.txt" would this file be flagged as a virus or would I beallowed to open it? i.e. Is the signature of the original EICAR-test.txt filesomehow tied to the exception? Or is the exception purely based on file name,and not tied to the content of the file in any way?


      Does anyone know of a second virustest file with a different virus signature that I could test this out with?


      Thanks for the help




      on 3/26/14 9:58:59 AM CDT