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    User Rights/Privileges in Nitro


      I was just recently added to the Nitro system as a user with the same group membership as other users.  I recently noticed that I do not have alarms in my main screen, or if I go to configure alarms I do not have the list of alarms that have already been configured and are in Nitro for other users.


      While looking through the list of users, I noticed that my user icon does not have the "crown" or "robe" as other users do.  These users have the same group memberships that I do.


      We experimented with my account, adding and removing group memberships to see what the effect was, and found no difference in access to the alarm list or the icon regardless of changes or membership.


      So the question is, why can't I see our list of alarms, and why do users with the same group membership have "crowns" and "robes" on their user icons, and do these indicate some elevated privileges I don't have?


      Thanks in advance for assistance,