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    Help with time quotas




      We are working with Web Gateway. I'm facing a problem when the users are navigating trough a time quotas. The user suddenly receives the mesage "Yes I would like to continue my session" but when they click on "Yes" nothing happens. These users are with time valid. Does someone has had a problem like this?

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          Haaris Faizan

          Could you plz elaborate more so that i can reply.....OR it will be better if you attach screenshit of the rule you have configured.......

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            the example rule set that ship with the product should be tested and working. I strongly recommend to not modify the rules in any way but try them and apply modifications once the default rules work as expected. It is also important to ensure authentication is performed before coaching is done. Or you could try turn off authentication to ensure it does not interfere with time quotas. Otherwise it may happen that a user runs into the quota warning page before he is authenticated, clicks the button, MWG unlocks the time quota session for this users source IP address, the user gets authenticated and then runs into the quota page again, since after authentication MWG looks for an unlocked session based on the user name, rather than source IP address.