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    Instant Messenger Virus

      I need some assistance - One of my users mistakenly opened a file from instant messenger that gave her system a virus. Instant Messenger now starts automatically (even though I keep disabling it), Microsoft updates keep shutting off and MS security center will not allow me to turn on anti virus monitoring. In addition she keep getting empty browser windows that keep popping up (both IE and fire fox) some of the browser windows have anitvirus adds. Her system is running slower than normal and Mcafee 8.5i keeps finding infected cookies. Please help my research shows that this virus propagates very rapidly. I do not other users on my network to get this thing. I have disconnected her from the network for the time being. Can Mcafee eradicate this thing or should I flatten and reload her system ?

      I am using Mcafee Enterprise 8.5.0i
      Dat Version 5544.0000
      Engine Version 5300.2777
      Patch 6