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    add user by EEPC




      i have installed EEM  and EEPC and have successfully encypted the HDD, but my boss wants to change the username for EEPC client login. i have generated new install set (.exe file, offline mode) and run in the client PC again, but still can't use new username. anyone can help? thanks.

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          You add the user to EEM, then when the machine synchronizes it will pick up the changes. You only use the install set once, to install the machine - after that everything happens through the network connection with the EEM Server.


          You don't mention creating the EEM server though - did you miss that step? Offline mode is only for installs, it's not a permanent way of using the system - you need network connectivity and an EEM server etc to make changes...


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            thanks for reply.


            yes, we have create user in EEM. from your message, you meant the latest update will update through network, but not the new install set (".exe"), right? but, in our environment, it didn't sync. we can ping the EEM ip and it is connected. what should i check? thanks.

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              start by looking at the client log - that should tell you what's going on.