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    Verification error

    Theodore Sri

      I have samsung galaxy mobile and hen ever i try to install McAfee Mobile Security on to it I am having verification error. I have no other security apps in my mobile,Am able to send and recieve text messages (Its obvious that e need text feature for registering) and most of  all I use the mobile device's default messaging feature.I tried uninstallinga nd re-installing several times but no results.Can any one help me with this issue?

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          Hi Theodore  Sri,

                          Welcome to the McAfee Communities. I have a friend whom was about to attempt to Download/Install McAfee LiveSafe, and "SafeKey-Personal Locker" I referred her to the following (TS101831) . As it has been brought up in discussion in other threads, please pay close attention to the suggestion ( Allow information to be shared with McAfee). This box being checked assists in making your installation experience mush easier to achieve.


                             I am uncertain as to (all) mobile devices, being "Samsung" in your case. But she had a "Android Device" As I am not greatly familiar with the (Mobile Security) hopefully someone more knowledgeable will further add to this discussion.


                               Having said this...She was able to Download/install all features flawlessly, by following the directions in the McAfee (TS101831) Document.






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            Theodore Sri

            Hey Catdaddy,


            I appriciate your time. As of I know, Safekey is a password vault and it does not need SIM verification. But the one having trouble installing is McAfee Mobile Security I tried everything from my end but still having trouble activating the application. I don't know what to do regarding this, could you please give me some suggestions..

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              Hi Theodore,


              Please contact McAfee's Mobile Support from the this link. They will be able to assist you with these Verification Issue.