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    Export  route configuration



      I have a lot of static Route (67 entries) that I will configure on  7 appliance  MGW.

      The static route and the Default GW are the same.

      I have just finished to configure one MGW via GUI, then my question is:


      Is there a way to export the static route configurations and import to other MGW?


      thanks a lot!

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          Not directly in the GUI.

          Are the other machines already setup and connected or do you still have to image them and  install?

          If they are not online yet, there is a process that lets you take basic configuration data (including static routes), put it into a special config.zip file, and the config.zip is read when the appliance is first booted.


          You can create a config.zip ith this app:



          You can use PolicyView to export the settings from an existing .backup:



          If you already have the machines setup and running, you would have to export the proper XML file for the existing config, copy it to a running a appliance, and run a special mwg-coordinator command to read in that config. This will create downtime, and needs to be done carefully, preferrably with support's assistance.

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            Thanks for the answer, the other machine are already setup but are not online.

            Now I'll verify with the customer what method is best suitable for us.


            anyway, many thanks!