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    My Backup Program is 60x slower when it uses Volume Shadow Copy for open files




      With MxAfee Internet Security and Windows 8.1, I have the following issue for the last 5 months. I use a professional backup program called Genie Backup Manager Pro (www.genie9.com). Its latest version has an option that will allow backing up of open files. It uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to achieve this. When I enable this, my backup of about 1GB goes from about 8 minutes to 8+ hours. If I turn off McAfee Real Time Scanning, my backups go back to the regular 8 minutes. This seems to indicate a serious conflict with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service and Real Time Scanning. Turning either one off resolves the extreme slowness. I have had McAfee technical support take over my machine about 5 times in a two week period. Had escelated support take a look and nothing had been resolved for quite some time so I asked them to just close the file. None of the last several months of Internet Security updates have resolved the conflict. I even reformatted my hard drive and installed only the OS and the backup software so that nothing else should interfere when technicians take over the PC. Has anyone else experienced this issue with backups that use VSS to backup open files and Real Time Scanning? Suggestions? Thanks in Advance.