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    iPhone Email - Sync Past 1 Month




      I have one user who wants to sync their email past the alloted default max of 1 month.

      This user wants the emails to sync up for the past year.


      Is there anyway we can do this?

      Is this handeled within the phone or corporate server?

      Is there a search function that might be an alternate?


      User is using an iPhone 5s.

      The latest EMM is installed.

      There are no application errors, just wants more than 1 month of emails.

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          In response to my own question, I've determined a couple solutions.


          For iPhone's, the user can access their 'general settings,' and then locate the email, contacts, calendar' option.

          The mail settings are on the iPhone not on EMM – you have a choice of:


          1 day

          3 days

          1 week

          2 weeks

          1 month

          No Limit.


          On Androids, the maximum is 1 month through Secure Container settings > sync settings.


          However, users (for both iOS and Android) can search their entire mailbox no matter what sync time they choose.