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    DLP 9.3 patch 2 cannot install extension



      Epo 5.1 DLP 9.3 patch 1 installed.

      Trying to upgrade to 9.3 patch 2 when i load  the  HDLP_Extension_9_3_200_15.zip extension i receive




      Someone with the same problem?




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          You would want to work with McAfee Support on this.

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            Upgrade of DLPE 9.3.0 to 9.3.1 fails with a SQL Error

            Technical Articles ID:  KB79973
            Last Modified:  20/01/2014



            McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (DLPE) 9.3




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            When attempting to upgrade the DLPE extension from 9.3.0 to 9.3.1, the upgrade fails and the following error displays:


            Unable to install extension. Installation error: custom_tasks: upgrade: [echo] Upgrade called for DATALOSS2000 (version [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] [execute-sql] install_query_group: install_query_group: Queries_v9.0.1_rollup: Delete_Queries_v9.0.1_rollup: Queries_v9.1.0_rollup: Delete_Queries_v9.1.0_rollup: Remove-Rollup-Queries: Remove-EnforcedRules-Rollup: Remove-Events-Rollup: Remove-CMAProperties-Rollup: Remove-MAProperties-Rollup: Remove-Passwords-Rollup: install-rollup: Add-Rollup: [execute-sql] Remove-EnforcedRules-Rollup: Add-EnforcedRules-Rollup: Remove-Events-Rollup: Add-Events-Rollup: Remove-CMAProperties-Rollup: Add-CMAProperties-Rollup: Remove-MAProperties-Rollup:

            UniqueKey (dlp.prop.rollup.bypassed.agents) already exists in a read-only query Violates uniqueness constraint




            The default DLP queries were modified and cannot be upgraded automatically during the extension upgrade process.




            This issue will be resolved in DLPE 9.3.3, which is not currently available. This article will be updated as newer information becomes available.


            As a temporary measure, implement the workaround shown below.




            NOTE: McAfee recommends that you always maintain a current backup of the ePO server and SQL database before running any queries or updates against the database. For detailed information, see KB66616.


            Delete the queries from SQL manually using one of the following SQL queries:

            For ePO 4.x and 5.0:
            Delete from OrionQuery where UniqueKey like 'dlp%'


            For ePO 5.1:
            Delete from OrionQueryMT where UniqueKey like 'dlp%'