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    Define CAG based on registry key


      Hello everyone !


      I'm trying to create a Connection Aware Group on HIPS 8 with ePO 4.6 that is based on the value of a registry key.


      The problem is whatever I type in as a path get rejected. 2 red exclamation marks appear in front of the texte box and I can't move to the next step.


      Could you please show me what is the right syntax to use ?


      Thanks !

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          can you post the path you are adding? my initial guestimation is that you might need to use a double slash, versus single slash, to get the correct syntax.


          so instead of this: \hklm\software\mcafee


          you would use this: \\hklm\\software\\mcafee


          again, just a guess. ive never made a cag criteria based off of reg key.

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            Kary Tankink

            From the Help:




            In the first field enter a registry key of format <ROOT>\<KEY>\[VALUE_NAME].

            • The <ROOT> must use the full root name, such as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and not the shortened HKLM.
            • The <KEY> is the key name under the root.
            • [VALUE_NAME] is the name of the key value. If no value name is included, it is assumed to be the default value.

            In the second field after the equal sign enter the data for the key value.

            Tip: To copy a registry key for pasting, right-click a key in the Registry Editor (run regedit) and select Copy Key Name.


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              Thank you guys.


              The hint from the Help worked : copying the registry key did it. Strangely though, typing the exact same path doesn't work.


              Thanks again.